Need to brighten up a party in Delaware or surrounding areas? We have just the solution for you. Our Frozen drink machines will be the life of the party. We'll deliver to your door.

  • Bunn Frozen Drink Machines

    Now available to rent


    • 2 Free drink mix concentrates
    • 100 cups and straws
    • Mixing Buckets
    • Additional Mixes $30 (no charge for returned mixes that are unopened)
    • Umbrellas $20 (optional)
    • 1 Heavy Duty Extension Cord (if needed)
    • 1 Mixing Bucket with Spatula
    • *Free setup: our delivery person will show you how to make your first batch.
    • *No cleaning deposit; when the party is over just turn off the machine!
    • ***Small delivery charge applies outside of our delivery areas.

    The Margarita Man uses Bunn Double chamber frozen beverage machines. These machines are quiet, dependable and simple for anyone to operate. Each machine holds 6.5 gallons of product which means more mix for the money and about 110 nine-ounce drinks in Total